Punch has expanded greatly since its 2013 introduction. There are currently 30 distinct chocolate bars available across six different product lines. Punch uses superior concentrates and undergoes laboratory testing for every product. Punch has hundreds of dispensaries across California, and its clientele has grown every day since its founding and has stayed devoted ever since.

2013 saw the absence of a tasty, potent, size-appropriate, and most importantly, consistent product on the edibles market. It took months of arduous labor to design the PunchBar. Punch Edibles was founded with the intention of offering a high-dose edible of a sensible size. Now, patients could consistently and safely enjoy their medication with a fantastic flavor and low calories and sugar content.

Our company and values

In order to provide you with the greatest possible experience while purchasing PUNCH EXTRACTS, we have been working nonstop in recent years to establish a strong reputation among our clients, patients, and consumers who are enthusiastic about the safe and appropriate usage of PUNCH EXTRACTS.


punch rocket

To make sure every rocket we roll is on point, we roll each one with love.

Authentic Items


The finest option available for both Fresh Press and Cold Cure Badder is Punch Extracts. Punch Extracts offers the highest results at a lower cost; use them in your business to ensure your safety! The finest PUNCH EXTRACTS are available for purchase online in the EU, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Because we recognize that many of our clients struggle to purchase from dispensaries or physical stores, we provide our online service as a convenient way for them to easily access WHOLE MELT EXTRACTS and related items.